Next Top Model: The Requirements Engineering Version

This event builds upon a growing wave of reality television shows and goes in search of requirements engineering’s Next Top Model. Through a series of tasks, some pre-prepared and some assigned on the fly, seven teams competed for this prestigious title at RE'09 (The IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference). Teams representing i*, URN, Flow, Plain Old Text, UML, Rich Pictures and Formal Methods were challenged to illustrate the power and flexibility of their favorite approach for requirements modeling, while conference participants acted as the ultimate judges as they voted modeling approaches off the show round-by-round. This website depicts highlights from the world premier of the event.

Event conceived and hosted by Olly Gotel and Jane Cleland-Huang.

The battle of the models begins... The teams await the clapometer

The Concept
The Teams
The Brief (Given to Contestants Before the Event)
The Game Plan
Round One: Ability to Express a Complex Problem Situation
Round Two: Ability to Communicate a Specific Scenario
Round Three: Ability to Accommodate Change
The Scores and the Winners

PLEASE USE & CONTRIBUTE: Please feel free to adopt any of these ideas in your requirements engineering teaching and training. If you do, and if you create some models of your own based on the concept and brief, please do let us know. It would be great to grow a modeling resource for all of us in the RE community to share and enjoy. Contact: Olly Gotel ( and Jane Cleland-Huang (

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: With great thanks to all of the following people for making this event happen: Kevin Ryan and Bill Robinson (the Chairs of RE'09 for trusting us not to run riot with this idea); Don Gause and Brian Berenbach (our fabulous role players and entertainers); Kevin Ryan and Sebastian Meyer (the paparazzi for all the photos); Paula Laurent (for handling the pressure of the clapometer and scores); but most importantly all our champion modelers: Eric Yu, Xavier Franch and Jennifer Horkoff (i*); Daniel Amyot and Gunter Mussbacher (URN); Kurt Schneider, Kai Stapel and Sebastian Meyer (Flow); Martin Glinz and Joy Beatty (Plain Old Text); Patrick Mader and Carlos Castro-Herrera (UML); David Callele and Birgit Penzenstadler (Rich Pictures); and Alistair Mavin (Formal Methods).

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Why is this website pink? Well, it's a good color for models: Exhibit A; Exhibit B.