RE's Next Top Model: Round 3

Ability to Accommodate Change

SYNOPSIS: Don’t forget the needs of the Police Department in your model. Modify your models from round 2 to show these changes.

The following teams survived into this head-to-head, knock-out, Clash of the Titans round: Plain Old Text and Rich Pictures.

As soon as round 2 was over, the doors of the auditorium opened and Bureau Chief IronFist walked up to the stage eating donuts. Equally well-known for his strong opinions and ad-lib tendencies, the gist of what transpired was as follows:

"Excuse me, excuse me … Smokey … what do you think you are doing!?! You know that we (the GCPD) need to share the emergency dispatch system with you – it is NOT a fire engine dispatch system! You can’t go ahead and get it built just to suit your needs. What about us in the Police Department? I think that my department has a thing or two to say about what is going on here.

Modelers, what if I tell you that every time a 911 call comes in and a fire engine gets dispatched, we need to also send a cop car to the scene, to protect the public and investigate any criminality. Also, I know that we do not always share the same information and communicate as well as we could, so we need a system that is going to help us communicate directly with each other much better rather than always go through central dispatch. It’s too slow and error-prone. We are often much quicker on the scene than the fire trucks and we can pass on critical information to moderate or escalate the necessary response. We need that option. What if we arrived on the scene at Mr. De Nino's kitchen and found that the whole block was on fire? We need the ability to interject. Equally, we could have easily have sent a squad car to Mrs. Midling to help keep her calm … and perhaps we could have helped avoid that ugly situation? Show me how you can account for the role of the GCPD and its needs in your model!"

With a mere 5-10 minutes, under the ticking clock and watchful eyes of Smokey Ladder and IronFist, our two surviving teams modeled and prevailed.

Team Plain Old Text

Completely unphazed by the entrance of IronFist, team Plain Old Text showed strong and silent confidence in the power of text, whilst maintaining an ear for Smokey Ladder.

pot final round

pot final round model

Team Rich Pictures

Team Rich Pictures knew that their bag of props was diverse and deep. They could handle multiple perspectives using special yellow Post-it notes as police cars.

rp final round

rp final round model

Showtime - Which Team Won?

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